3-Sided Toothbrush

Do you want an easier, more beneficial brushing experience for your Autistic Child, Baby, Toddler, or even any age kid/adult or yourself?

The Three-Sided Toothbrush is perfect for those needing help with oral care, have difficulty using or holding a toothbrush or as an ‘easy-to- use’ children’s toothbrush. The triple-headed pad with angled bristles ‘surround’ teeth to simultaneously brush all surfaces optimizing plaque removal in a shorter time & more efficiently than conventional brushes; allows for more cleaning in less time especially important to carer's and staff when cooperation by patient during brushing is limited

Simple back & forth brushing makes oral care quicker, easier & more efficient for carers and those with dexterity issues making it the perfect tool for ‘Special Needs” and orthodontic patients, children and the elderly.