Baby Organizer

These storage bags will save you time and give you the peace of mind knowing that everything you need to care for your baby is right there.

These New multi-functional hanging storage bags will hold all of the baby essentials like baby clothes, care products, diapers, baby bottles, tissue boxes, toys, etc. Store all the supplies your baby needs in one convenient place.

Consists of 3 separate small storage bags which can be hung in various locations including baby's crib, wall, wardrobe, or door.


Split design: 3 in 1 hanging bags can be divided into three separate packages and use in multiple scenes to avoid the inconvenience of being integrated

Large & Multiple spaces: The bed organizer hanging bags have 8 different storage rooms. you can put different things organized, Clean and easy to find

Quality Material: This hanging bag is made of reinforced polyester fabric and filled inside with a pearl sponge that is abrasion resistant and lightweight

Two installation methods: ① ≤3 cm bed edge can be hanged directly with hook; ② If it is a thick bed, wrap the edge of the bed with a braid and connect it with the Velcro

Intimate Details: The bag contains a foil holding area for the bottle.There are large openings at the side for easy access.Remove the PP plate and wash it directly.It is not recommended to use a washing machine

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