Galaxy light projector

Galaxy light projector work by providing gentle stimulation to various senses, with the aim of inducing a state of calm. The mesmerising, slowly changing coloured LED lights and moving projections, provide users with an alternative to their overwhelming thoughts, reducing tension and anxiety. Having this safe and inviting place to escape to and relax means they can return their minds to a state of calm and continue their day. Galaxy light projector can be a valuable resource in a wide variety of places. They're often found in SEN Schools, and are even making their way into mainstream schools to facilitate those children who need that additional support. Care HomesHospitals and Hospices can benefit from calming sensory rooms to help patients who may become distressed due to their dementia or the apprehension of an impending medical procedure. Community venues that can get very busy, loud and overwhelming for those with hidden disabilities such as autism

1.Lampshade: Universe Planet Moon Star Lamp
2.Film Pattern:1xUniverse ,1xStars, 1xOcean, 1xBirthday, 1xMoon
3.Material: ABS+PC.
4.Product Size: 5.1 x 4.7 inches
5.Voltage: 12V
6.Dimming:3 Step Dimmable
7.Power Supply:USB Charger/3 x AA Battery( Can Not Use In The Sametime).
8.Function: Night Light And Projector Can Be Changed Easily
Button Installation:
A Button- Power and Lighting Modes Control button.
 1st-3rd button press : shift single light color in turn
 4th button press : auto change light color
 5th button press : mix color constant on
 6th button press : mix color fade in and fade out
 7th button press : turn off
B Button- Brightness and Rotation control button.
 Short press to adjust brightness as 100% - 50% - 5%
 Long press for about 2s to control rotation function
1 x Star Moon Universe Projector Lamp( Battery Not Included )
1 x USB Cable
5 x Film Pattern(1xUniverse 1xStar 1xOcean 1xBirthday 1xMoon)
1 x English User Manual

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